If You Want To Tweet For Parrots, Penguins And Puffins, Better Move Fast

Zoos and aquariums are adopting social media, and fast, reports Ari Adler at ragan.com. So if you want to, er, “join the online jungle” and Tweet for parrots…never mind that they squawk rather than “tweet…” or just be the online rep of Happy the Hippo or Mei Xiang the panda, better hurry: two thirds of the 221 members of the Association of Zoos & Aquariums are already using social media, and that number is growing all the time.
The Potter Park Zoo in Lansing, Mich., loves their social media wiz, who’s gotten locals to rediscover the zoo, sent out photos of newborn animals before the mainstream media, and do all sorts of other interactivey things that social media practitioners are always going on about.
But the point is, only so many people can update Kevin Bacon the pig’s facebook page, and maybe that person is gonna be you.
photo: pelican