PinView: If Facebook and Pinterest Had A Baby, It Would Look Like This

Have you ever wished Facebook looked a bit more like Pinterest? Now it can thanks to a new Facebook app called PinView.

To use PinView, you simply have to log into Facebook and  authorize the app, which just launched today and is still in beta. Once it’s turned on, so to speak, PinView turns your wall, newsfeed, photos and videos all into something that resembles a Pinterest board. Everything is divided into rectangles and definitely makes Facebook an even more visual platform than it already is.

You can filter by person, friends, pictures or video. When you do a search for a friend, for example, that person’s results show up in the form of a Pinterest board.

The app also resembles Pinterest when you “like” a post and a little banner appears in the upper righthand corner that reads, “Liked.” Adding a comment also has a similar Pinterest-y feel to it, in that the comment box shows up right below the post, just like in Pinterest.

The app was created by Thomas Petersen, a digital designer, and a friend.

“We created PinView because we wanted to do some experiments with the Facebook feed,” Petersen said via email. “The inspiration was, of course, the success of Pinterest. The actual design pattern that Pinterest is using isn’t really new, but it’s solid and we thought it would be interesting to try and see how it would work with Facebook.”

Although the app is brand new, Petersen said traffic has been “great” and the app has been well received so far.

Other Apps That Turn Facebook Into Pinterest

While PinView is the first Facebook app I’d heard of to morph Facebook into something more like Pinterest, there are similar alternatives out there.

TechCrunch recently wrote about Pinvolve, a Facebook app that turns Facebook pages into Pinterest boards. When you hover over an image with Pinvolve, a “Pin it” button shows up, letting you share the content on Pinterest. Unlike PinView, however, Pinvolve only deals with Facebook pages, not individual profiles.

Another option is Friendsheet, an app that describes itself as a “photo browsing experience.” It seems to focus more on photos than anything else, although it does ultimately transform your newsfeed into a Pinterest page. One more reason to try out Friendsheet: Mark Zuckerberg has reportedly “liked” it on Facebook.

Interested in giving PinView a shot? Head over to the app’s page:

Let us know what you think about these apps. Would you try them out or is Pinterest enough for you? Have you heard of any others?

(Hat tip to ShortFormBlog)