Ideas on Ideas on Creating for a Living


Our old pals at Ideas on Ideas have a new essay up, “What Draws Us to Design?” It’s not their usual type of lengthy discussion on some hot topic or an interview with a famous designer-y person; it’s really more of just a “hey, isn’t what I do pretty cool?” sort of thing. But in that way, it acts as many of their pieces, we believe, are intended to function: it’s something of a motivator. It calls out, for a lot of designers (or “otherwise creative people”), to sit back a second and recognize how great it is if you’re able to do these sorts of things for a living. Sure, you might have to lay out the occasional bland annual report or take another call where you head “make it pop” for the eight thousandth time, but isn’t it kinda cool that you even get to sit down and create stuff? And people will pay you for it? There’s no news in this post or anything, but it came at a perfect time for this writer as he’s been plowing through a tv campaign for the past four weeks, having little time to look up from it. But after reading this Ideas post, it was nice to sit back and think, “Wow, me from five years ago would be so envious right now of all of this.” So Ideas on Ideas let’s us know that sometimes it’s pretty swell to take a step back and smell the roses.