ideas: Give a Group an Award and They Will Question That Award


You know it’s been a good week when you get to close it with a new essay up by the fellers over at smashLAB at their ideasonideas. This time around, they find that all is not well in Awardsland. Most particularly, they focus their attentions on the recent Lotus Awards, a big event held to celebrate design and advertising in British Columbia in which their very own site received an award of merit. Then they start to branch out and ask “how do you give awards for design anyway?” which is a question this writer’s had on his mind all this week while browsing through Print magazine’s annual Regional Design Awards at lunch (we don’t wish to say anything negative about the magazine, but in certain regions, the answer seemed to be “because we sent in an entry”). Our favorite part, although having little to do with the great essay itself, came at the beginning:

The Lotus awards are intended to celebrate both advertising and design; however, the pecking-order between the two seemed rather clear. I believe it would be fair to say that it was an ad show. First of all, the people were just too good looking. I know, it sounds odd, but ad people are “L.A.” and designers are, well…”Cleveland” (no offense to those designers who are more “L.A.” — you are still looking fine. This reference only applies to the rest of us).