WNBC Reporter Makes Successful Foray Into Children’s Books

Emma Is On the Air... and bookshelves.

BigNewsCoverThe first of Ida Siegal’s Emma Is On the Air series came out from Scholastic this spring. It’s titled Big News! and for anyone who can remember their early days at elementary school, it certainly is that, for the target audience of Grade 2 -4 students:

Today at lunch, my friend Javier found a slimy worm in his hamburger. It was extra gross! Now everyone wants to know how the worm got in there. Someone might even get in trouble! The school needs my famous reporter skills to solve the case!

The second adventure for eight-year-old Washington Heights truth-seeker Emma Perez, Party Drama!, is due in the fall. As Siegal recently told a visiting Florida TV morning show, it all started for her personally a little later, by means of a field trip:

Siegal’s high school class visited the ABC newsroom, then home to legendary journalist Peter Jennings.

“To be honest, when I was 15 years old, I had no interest in the news whatsoever,” Siegal recalls. “I thought it was boring, it was something my parents did.”

Her group created a mock newscast to show Jennings and Siegal was the anchor. “He looked at me and he said I think you got something, and that was it for me. Peter Jennings thought that I had potential!” she exclaimed.

That would be it for pretty much anyone at that age, in that situation. Today, Siegal is married with two elementary-age children of her own and has been with WNBC since 2003.