ICFF, You Hear FF


If you couldn’t make it to ICFF, or you’re just plain shy, why not have BusinessWeek’s Andrew Blum ask questions about furniture for you? Blum hits the Jacob K. Javits Convention Center floor with his trusty mic to get the word on this year’s goods, straight from the designers’ mouths. In this podcast, he comes across Yves Behar, Elisabeth Hertzfeld, Jocis Debo, Ivan Luini and Jerry Helling, all sounding incredibly articulate describing their projects over radio.

We’re heartbroken, though, that we can’t see the light-blocks make by the adorably French Elisabeth Hertzfeld of Remake Design. This link seemed to be overwhelmed with ICFF-ness. If anyone has an image of her product, please send it our way.

Update: the site seems to be working much better today, but Blum was kind enough to send us this photo of the Remake Lights anyway: