‘I Think I Failed You’

Bobby King, president of the Indianapolis Newspaper Guild, has been very active in covering the cuts parent company Gannett made to his newspaper, the Star. (Here’s his post from two days ago, when the cuts hit.)

He posted yesterday about the total number of cuts (25 guild covered employees, not 26 as originally reported) as well as a heartfelt note to everyone in the newsroom.

“I think I failed you,” he wrote. “I failed in not discerning earlier that this layoff was coming. I don’t have any illusions that I could have stopped it, but had I discerned things sooner, I could have given you at least some warning…About a week ago I heard rumblings that something was up. I immediately inquired about it and was told there was a newsroom reorganization afoot. I asked if any people covered by the Guild were in danger of losing their jobs. I won’t go into details here, but I was left with the distinct impression that we were safe, and that the biggest impact would be on the non-Guild managers, who were going to be asked to apply for new roles. In retrospect, I should have pressed harder for clarity.”

He also said the guild has compiled a list of written requests aimed to “find out just what the hell the company was thinking when it came up with this list of people who were laid off.”

That list, by the way, is here.