I Heart C-Span

If C-SPAN is political porn, than this has to be their version of Penthouse Letters.

In what has to be the writing contest we’ve felt least compelled to participate in, C-SPAN announced the winners of their–and no, we’re not making this up–“25 Years Viewer Call-In Contest.”

The guidelines: “Do you have a favorite C-SPAN call-in moment? Do you have a story that illustrates why you participate in or watch call-in programs on C-SPAN? Whether your story is funny or moving, serious or inspirational, we’d like to hear from you.”

(We’d like to write a piece wondering why Paul Orgel never seems like he’s actually listening to the callers.)

Curiously, none of the winners hail from Washington, leading us to believe that perhaps this is a way to spread the C-SPAN love outside of the Beltway.

So congratulations to Grand Prize Winner Erika Barger of Ormond Beach, FL, who included this poetic justice in her essay: “Every morning I awaken to the sounds of C-Span’s Washington Journal before going to school.”

You poor, poor thing…