I Don’t Want To Blow You Up!: ‘Pot For Kids’ Author Back With Terrorism Coloring Book

Brooklyn’s Ricardo Cortes, author of the controversial It’s Just a Plant children’s marijuana book, is back with another sure-to-be explosive project. This one? A children’s coloring book about terrorism called, naturally, I Don’t Want To Blow You Up!.


According to Cortes, I Don’t Want To Blow You Up! is “for the child who’s head is filled up with all this crazy carnage and fear… yuck! Were you ever scared of nuclear war when you were a kid? Well, it’s much worse now for the little 7-year-old troublemaker: Orange Alerts and CNN got kids thinking that Indian/Pakistani/Korean guy over there is plotting… right.. now!”

The book features illustrations of “people from around the world who are doing something significant in their lives,” each concluding with the book’s refrain.

One individual who will not be included is Keith Ellison, the first elected Muslim member of Congress, who declined to be included, writing to Cortes that he needs to “err on the side of caution to ensure my office complies with House Administration rules”:


Cortes has also relaunched the It’s Just a Plant Web site with French, German, Hebrew, Korean, Portuguese and Thai translations.


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