I-35 Rebuild Selects the Strong and Sturdy (Looking)


Late yesterday, we were sent a message by intrepid reader, Chad Ridgeway, who alerted us to this story in the Star Tribune, talking about the plans being finalized in a workshop for the rebuilding of the I-35 in Minneapolis/St. Paul area. While the story itself is short, talking about the last steps in putting together the design of the project, we think it also offers final proof that the governing body putting this thing together definitely aren’t going the route of the “let’s make this thing really cool, while we’ve got the chance” committee. We can say that, because the group voted with 76% to choose the version of the pier that looks more stable and less interesting to look at. We’re certain both were equally as structural sound, but when you’re up against a tragedy, you go for the one that looks like it’ll hold up. We’re also guessing that’s why, in the version they didn’t select, the designers tried to spice it up a bit with some color, in the hopes that that might swing some of the decision makers. In the end, “solid as a rock” one out.