Hurry, Before Your Design Education Passes You By


Events at the amazing Illinois Institute of Technology fill up real quick-like. And no wonder, because they bring in some of the top minds in the design world to talk to we ambitious dreamers. Case in point, the “Changing Nature of Innovation and Design panel happening this week is already closed, as is the lecture by Darrel Rhea “Making Meaning – The Heart and Soul of Innovation” (though you can be put on a wait list for that one). So that said, even though it isn’t until May 17th and 18th, now is probably a good time to get on the ball and sign up for the Strategy06 conference. Sounds terrific. Here’s a bit about last year’s:

The inaugural Institute of Design Strategy Conference in May 2005 sought to help bridge the worlds of design and business. It was created as a business conference about design, rather than a design conference about business. Participants were the leaders of strategy and innovation from their firms, as well as those who aspire to leadership positions in these areas. It was loosely structured, creating many opportunities for informal discussion during breaks and meals. This helped to foster connections between business leaders and design leaders in a way that was interesting, informative and fun.

And if you’d like to take a quick little trip to Crown Hall on the campus (and don’t mind a little plug for this writer’s own work), here’s a batch of photos and even a video from the weekend they re-opened the building after renovations.