Humanity’s Future, According to IBM


We’ve decided that we need to start getting into better shape around here at UnBeige HQ, seeing at the Internet will be in 3D soon. So says a report from IBM, which it released on Monday called the “IBM Next Five in Five” study, which we found word of by way of Creative Generalist. In it, they lay out five predictions of what’s to come in the future. They’re pretty crazy (but in a good way), like our aforementioned number four, “There will be a 3D internet,” which is followed up with as such:

The popular online immersive destinations, such as Second Life and the World of Warcraft, will evolve into the 3-D Internet, much like the early work by the likes of Darpa, AOL and Prodigy evolved into the World Wide Web.

In this immersive online world, you will walk the aisles of supermarkets, bookstores and DVD shops, where you’ll encounter experts you’d rarely find in your local store. The 3-D Internet will enable new kinds of education, remote medicine and consumer experiences, transforming how we interact with our friends, family, doctors, teachers, favourite stores, et cetera.