LA Media Company Scores Hulu Hit with Genuine Ken

Very clever. That’s all we can say after learning via the LA Times about the way local outfit Hudsun Media wormed its way to current Hulu hit Genuine Ken: The Search for the Great American Boyfriend.

When Hudsun heard last year about plans for Mattel’s big 50th anniversary Ken doll media push, they pitched the El Segundo toy company on a Bachelor-style reality show, which was shot last November and began airing on Hulu in January. Per the LA Times article:

The series puts eight “Ken-testants” through their paces with such challenges as decorating an apartment on a budget and cooking a meal, and avoids the acid pettiness and raunch often laced throughout reality shows. Here, wholesomeness is represented as part of the contestants’ sex appeal.

“We stayed away from things that were overtly sexual. We stayed away from alcohol, from some of the things you might see in other reality programming,” said Stephanie Cota, Mattel’s senior vice president of global marketing for girls brands.

The winner of the show, hosted by MTV personality Whitney Port, will get a Mattel doll modeled in his likeness, as well as bragging rights to the title “Genuine Ken.” Not to mention some dynamite singles bar ice breaker material.