Hulk Need Photo! Hulk Take Advantage of Flickr Photographer!


Welcome back from the long weekend. Here’s to hoping it was restful for you and yours. But enough small talk, as we’re here to shovel news, aren’t we? First up comes a story sure to aggravate both people from the No Spec crowd (albeit in a tangential way), as well as any professional creative types. It’s the story of Tony Alter, a guy who lives in Virginia and works as a press photographer for the local Newport News paper, who gave the makers of the latest Hulk film one of his images off of Flickr to use in the opening credits, without paying him a dime. As Design Info notes, “The Incredible Hulk has grossed $111.5 million and counting,” which is exactly what we were thinking. It’s one thing to help out a friend with a project, or do something you enjoy without expecting a paycheck, but when Universal comes knocking, you should at least push to get a buck or two from them, right? Even if just for the good of the industry?