HuffPost’s Weatherman Intern Blows Away

HuffPost‘s leading resident weatherman is leaving.

Intern Jeremy Binckes will still write those zany daily weather reports for HuffPost Hill, but he will no longer be an intern working in the Washington office — he’s seeking real employment (hint hint).

Here’s a preview of what you’ll see later today…

JEREMY THE INTERN BIDS FAREWELL TO HUFFPOST – Our weather wunderkind Jeremy Binckes signed off as a Huffington Post intern today. Although Jeremy will continue to grace HuffPost Hill with his insanely popular weather updates (we need a new name for those), he will no longer provide our office the undeniable pleasures of his magnetic presence. Anyone interested in developing a professional relationship with this walking, breathing, category 5 tropical system of talent should e-mail JB at Thanks for everything, JB!

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