HuffPost Management Recognizes Union

It's official.

Management of The Huffington Post has voluntarily recognized Writers Guild of America, East (WGAE) as the union representing its editorial staff.

HuffPost staffers voted to unionize in early December. At the time, HuffPost president and editor Arianna Huffington said “We fully support” the union effort. Those were not empty words.

“We look forward to a great relationship with our union as we work together to take The Huffington Post to new heights across the world,” Huffington said in a new statement.

“As digital media continues to transform the way information is shared and stories are told, it is essential that content creators have their concerns about the workplace—and about the work itself—be heard and addressed by management,” added WGAE executive director, Lowell Peterson. “The WGAE is very pleased to work closely with The Huffington Post’s dedicated and talented editorial staff at this historic moment.”