HuffPost Live: Watch TV With Trolls

The Huffington Post launched HuffPost Live this morning, a streaming video network with an ambitious format: 12 hours of live programming each weekday that incorporates the vast community of commenters and social platform users at HuffPost. So far, that’s translated into commenters being guests on the show via video chat, engaging in political discussions with the hosts. With an adequate amount of pre-screening, this could prove to be an excellent way to mine the resource that is HuffPost’s online user community.

Unfortunately there’s no pre-screening in the real-time commenting section that takes up the right half of the HuffPost Live webpage, a constant scroll of comments afforded the same amount of visual real estate as the streaming video. And the trolls that make up a large percentage of the HuffPost commenting community have already started to post. A segment with Abby Huntsman, the daughter of Mormon politician Jon Huntsman, set off a string of inappropriate comments about her looks.

User Saganator remarked, “mormon females are always hot.” User Bbertaud wrote: “I can see London and I can see France …”, presumably a reference to Huntsman’s above-the-knee skirt. The chat window is at eye level with the streaming video, and there is no option to disable the commenting section. For those of us who would don’t need trolling and ill-informed opinions while watching our news programs, a way to turn this chat window off would be nice addition to the site. Fingers crossed the HuffPo techs are on it.