HuffPost Goes Español

Thursday, HuffPost announced that they would be launching yet another international edition of their site. They announced that they have partnered with El País to roll out El Huffington Post. It will be led by editorial director Montserrat Domínguez. They say that, “El Huffington Post will also celebrate Spain’s rich and diverse cultural life, from its architecture, literature and movies to its fútbol clubs, food and music. And in addition to the most important stories, we’ll also be covering the most entertaining stories, like King Juan Carlos’s elephant hunting mishap or the ban, and then lift of the ban, on soccer players tweeting during Euro 2012.” It’s about damn time that SOMEONE took note of that elephant hunting mishap.

If you think this announcement is  a big deal, you’re not alone. HuffPost thinks it’s a big enough deal that it was the biggest story on the front page of their website. There’s a screen shot of it to the right. Let us be the first to suggest Politico’s Mike Allen take over some writing duties. We know he has a history with the rich culture of the Hispanic people.