HuffPost Gets Scandal Mention on ‘Brothers and Sisters’

ABC’s drama “Brothers and Sisters” featured The Huffington Post on Sunday night.

Setting the scene: Kitty (played by Calista Flockhart) is dating a younger man, Seth (played by Ryan Devlin), whom she met in a coffee shop where he’s a barista. The pair proceeded quickly to the storeroom to make out. The trouble comes when Kitty learns that Seth, a dark-haired decently attractive man, is also the son of the dean of the college where Kitty teaches.

The couple initially try to keep their budding relationship under wraps when their tryst suddenly goes viral. Guess who breaks their news?

Kitty: “What?! The Huffington Post? Nooooo! Oh no, you look like you’re 16 in that picture.”

Seth: “Uh, that’s because I am 16 in that picture. It’s my high school yearbook photo.”

Kitty: “Shut up! What was I thinking?”

HuffPost is referred to on the show as a gossip site. Soon Kitty gets a call from Seth’s mother, her boss, who calls her in for a meeting. She tries to put her son’s new girlfriend at ease: “Kitty, relax. My son dating an attractive professor probably enhances our reputation among applicants.” She says she’s going to release a statement supporting their relationship.

But the conversation goes south when the dean tells Kitty that she could do better. She says, “It’s your life. You can make any mistakes you want. I just think I know Seth better than you.”

Kitty fires back. “Maybe, but for his sake I hope that’s not true.”