Huffpo/AOL Merger Round Up

  • Of course anyone who writes about the virtues of writing for free for the old Huffpo gets sent to our inbox. Author Michael Gross says that writing for free, for him was actually getting free publicity…for him.
  • Nate Silver writes about the economics of blogging at Huffpo. Or at least what they were before the merger with a billion dollar corporation.
  • Tommy Christopher at Mediate reports on the uncertain future the Huffpo merger makes for Politics Daily. There have been rumors AOL writers and bloggers are getting pay cuts in the wake of the merger. These rumors have been vehemently denied by our multiple sources. Maybe Christopher knows something our handful of not-named AOL bloggers don’t.
  • CJR reminds us that AOL settled with unpaid volunteers a few years ago.
  • A decent overview from PaidContent…which is a funny name to talk about Huffpo. Just funny.
  • NYTimes David Carr writes, “For those of us who make a living typing, it’s all very scary, of course. It’s less about the diminution of authority and expertise, although there is that, and more about the growing perception that content is a commodity, and one that can be had for the price of zero.”