Huffington Post Takes Heat for Crowdsourcing Logo

HuffPo is holding a design contest for a new HuffPost Politics logo, with the winner receiving nothing at all, unless you count attribution. And that didn’t sit well with Ric Grefe, executive director of the American Institute of Graphic Arts. He left a strongly worded comment on the site, which reads in part:

AIGA, the nation’s largest and oldest profession­al associatio­n for design, strongly discourage­s the practice of requesting that design work be produced and submitted
on a speculativ­e basis in order to be considered for acceptance on a project. The creative profession­als that read the Post expect more from you…

Requesting work for free demonstrat­es a lack of respect for the designer and the design process as well as the time of the profession­als who are asked to provide it. This approach, therefore, reflects on the integrity, practices and standards of the Huffington Post and AOL.

Most of the other comments on the call for entries post reflect similar sentiments, although many were considerably less polite. HuffPo updated the post today with some self-righteous PR speak, which commenters promptly attacked.

Via Romenesko.