‘Senior Penis Reporter’ a Clue in Today’s HuffPo Easter Egg Hunt

Not the best title in today’s fragmented Fifth Estate world. However, it still beats [pun not intended] junior penis reporter or an internship on the vagina breaking-news desk.


Hey… Don’t start writing that angry email to FishbowlNY! We’re simply passing on the fact that “senior penis reporter” was one of the clues for today’s Huffington Post New York office Easter egg hunt.

Each clue pointed to the location of an egg. Eggs containing these clues were worth two points; empty eggs, one point; and there were also two “special” eggs worth five points each to the finder.

From the find-these-eggs memo by social media and Crime/Weird verticals editor Ethan Fedida, here is one of our other favorite clues:

It’s time for a meeting, but what’s the room name?
You forget every time, and all the rooms look the same

Congrats to HuffPost Code community editor Katelyn Bogucki, who won today’s exercise with a total of 24 points. Second was senior lifestyle blog editor Jess Rotondi (22 points); third, mobile art director Candy Bigwood (19 points).

[Photo provided by The Huffington Post]

@hollywoodspin rhorgan@gmail.com Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.