HST’s wingmen speak up.

hsthat.jpgHunter S. Thompson’s longtime collaborator Ralph Steadman has just written this erudite valedictory to the Doc, which Fishbowl thinks will serve nicely as insurance against NY media not coming through with anything half as respectful or exhaustive. In this case, The Thing really does Speak For Itself. Jann? You reading this?

Monday night update: And here’s HST’s erstwhile editor at the defunct L.A. Herald-Examiner, David McCumber, eloquently adding to the rapidly gathering online crowd of people who actually knew the departed and want to talk. The only city whose voices (except for the dutiful but dull speed-obit in the Times and the RS rush job) have been dead silent so far in this media storm? Yeah, sho nuff. NYC. For shame. Paris Review, you asleep at the switch? Fishbowl sees no HST references on your site. More typing. Less snoozing.

Early Tuesday update: New York City wakes up: WSJ just posted these words from New Journalism co-pilot Tom Wolfe. Now, that’s more like it. Even if it’s a day late.