HRM Today’s New Owners Are…Institute For Corporate Productivity

The new owners of HRM Today, the HR social network that sold in August for $4,075, revealed themselves today on the blog.

The Institute for Corporate Productivity (i4cp) bills itself as a “corporate executive and human resource professional resource” in that it already connects execs and HR pros and provides “thousands of pages” of productivity research. In that sense, adding a growing social network to its portfolio makes perfect sense.

Erik Samdahl
with i4cp had this to say:

I’ve been a member of HRMToday for quite some time, and am excited to work with each of you closely to make the best HR social networking site on the planet. I’d love to hear from you regarding ideas on how we can make HRMToday even better: what HR blogs are we missing that should be included on the site? How can we make the HR groups bigger and better? How can we get more people talking and sharing ideas?

What’s the next step in the evolution of HRM Today? Only time will tell.