HRE Online Posts Yet Another Staggeringly 2003-ish Story About ‘Weblogs’

lolcat builder & flickr: karindalziel

Okay, okay, so maybe they did call ’em “blogs” but Human Resource Executive Online has written a massive story about the wild and woolly world of the HR blogosphere.

Another HR trade mag, Workforce, covered the blogosphere in September 09 and managed to be even more alarmist, but the gist of both stories is the same.

In the blogosphere, writes Jared Shelly of HRE Online, there’s a “cacophony of noise” where amateurs can pass themselves off as professionals, but if you look hard enough you’ll find some “diamonds in the rough.”

The article covers the feeling of community you get from a great blog, the idea that blogs can break news(!) and, whoop-de-do, some bloggers have conflicts of interest.

To be fair, the people this article was intended for probably do need a “Blogging 101” crash course. But we do wonder how the HR blogosphere will react to this one.