Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz added 15 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 2,546. He also had eight status updates, which included:

    Howard is wondering whether it can get any nastier between the McCain men and the Palin pals.

    Howard is awaiting the arrival of the president-elect.

    Howard is doing the math.

    Howard is gearing up for the big day and determined not to be misled by exit polls.

    Howard is watching the View ladies deny they were too rough on McCain and soft on Obama. Whoopie goes negative on me!

    Howard has returned from CNN/NY, where he got to play with the magic wall, and is back to Beltway reality.

    Howard is in NY to join the Best Political Team on Television and hopefully not drag down the average.

    Howard is done waiting for an October surprise, with trick-or-treat upon us. November surprise, anyone?

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