Howard Kurtz Facebook Update

Howard Kurtz added 35 Facebook friends this week, bringing his total to 2,474. He also had eight status updates, which included:

    Howard is just finished watching Joe the plumber with Diane Sawyer. said he was too muddy to do it yesterday.

    Howard is drowning in a sea of punditry. Media types: McCain’s best debate. Polls: Obama by 30.

    Howard is wondering how many times we’ll hear the phrase “game-changer” after Wednesday’s debate.

    Howard is done talking about media bias, for now, and ready to leave NY.

    Howard is spending too much of his life stuck on the tarmac.

    Howard is wondering whether this big jump in the Dow is a one-day wonder.

    Howard has completed an entire day without the market plunging. TGISaturday.

    Howard is back in D.C. and the market is STILL dropping. This is like a bad horror movie.

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