Howard Kurtz as Sherlock Holmes

CNN’s “Reliable Sources” Host Howard Kurtz really sharpened his investigative skills in his Media Monitor segment this week as he delved deep into the mystery behind an “exclusive” interview that aired on WNYW, a New York Fox station. Anchor Greg Kelly didn’t disclose that his guest, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly, was his father until the nine-minute segment was nearly over. Kurtz found this and the cutesy way the news was revealed egregious. In the end he deduced that — AHA! — most likely it was Greg who persuaded his father to come on the show. “Couldn’t WNYW have simply asked the younger member of the Kelly family to sit this one out?” Kurtz asked. “OR, and I’m just taking a wild guess here, could Greg Kelly have used his connections to land this exclusive interview?” We don’t need to say it do we? Okay, fine. NO SHIT SHERLOCK.