Howard Fineman Offers to Light Himself on Fire

New York Social Diary blogger Carol Joynt’s upcoming Q & A Cafe needs audience members. And she’s not above lighting a fire, so to speak, under friends and colleagues to get them to come. HuffPost‘s Howard Fineman, the upcoming guest for Feb. 25, is willing to do what he can to attract guests. When Fineman saw the plea, he remarked, “Should I promise to light myself on fire? Or I can discuss the history of my hair…”

Fire might be off putting. But his hair has a historical richness. In Feb. 2009, then-Politico‘s Anne Schroeder Mullins wrote a piece about Fineman’s transition from orangey-gray hue to just gray. The story revealed that part of the reason Fineman stopped fighting his locks was because his wife said she had always wanted to sleep with a gray-haired man. At a lunch last month at Art & Soul, FishbowlDC overheard some women gushing about Fineman’s locks.

Read Joynt’s plea letter….

See more details. Make reservations at the Ritz by calling 202-912-4110….

Dear all –

Not to be the biggest nudge around, but then sometimes its required. We need you at The Q&A Cafe!! Without your reservations it won’t survive for another season. We’ve got a timely and terrific show coming up on Friday, Feb 25 — HOWARD FINEMAN of Huffington Post and MSNBC/NBC — and I’m begging you to please make a reservation. We’ll talk politics, of course, but also the recent purchase of HuffPo by AOL. Howard is always a compelling guest.

As for reservations, we’re below the line and that matters to the Ritz. The reservations number is 202.912.4110.

The location is the Ritz Carlton Georgetown. Seating begins at noon, the fee is $50, including soft beverages, food, tax and tip. Dessert is courtesy of Georgetown Cupcake. Valet parking is available at a discounted $10.

That’s it for now. Have a good week.