How Can I Make It About Me?

In a nauseous review of HBO’s The Newsroom, Editorial Director of AOL HuffPost Media Group Howard Fineman performs a feat for the ages and interprets the HBO series as a commentary on… his own publication!

It starts out normal enough. “To all of you media snarks out there trashing Aaron Sorkin for his HBO show The Newsroom I say: take no comfort from the fact that the show sucks,” Fineman writes on HuffPost. “His point about our business — that it needs to remember, revere and renew its commitment to its ideals — is too on-target to ignore.”

Then the magic happens. Inconspicuously placed near the end of the review, Fineman writes, “I am proud of what we are doing and trying to do at The Huffington Post… But we can do more, and we can do it better.”

What you just felt right there was whiplash. But we’ve gotta give it to Fineman. That kind of self-service is usually only seen in XXX films. Well done.