How To Think About the New Don Imus

BusinessWeek‘s David Kiley speculates on what a new Don Imus show might sound like. After Robert Kolker‘s largely sympathetic Don Imus piece in New York, it seems as if the shock jock’s return is all but inevitable. As Page Six reported in July, Imus has been scouting African-American comedians for a possible partner to immunize him against future racial problems. Also, writes Kiley, the big ticket advertisers and A-list media and political elites that used to haunt the show will probably take a wait and see attitude. From BusinessWeek:

Look for second and third tier advertisers like mattress companies and car-repair chains to be the first wave of advertisers to buy what will be cheaply priced time on Imus’s show. If he behaves himself, and ratings climb, GM and others will almost surely follow.

Absent any future racial mishaps, Imus’ ultimate radio fate will be determined by the ratings. As to where Imus might turn up next, WABC in New York is the frontrunner. Rick Aristotle Munarriz of The Motley Fool, however, argues that unregulated Sirius Satellite Radio is the better fit for Imus.

— Ron Mwangaguhunga