How to Continue Working After You’ve Been Downsized

It’s such a conundrum, isn’t it? You’ve been downsized but you’re still expected to work through a transition. Or maybe you’re expecting to lose your job and it hasn’t happened yet and you still need to work diligently day after day.

They key to working for a company which just gave you the boot is remaining above board.

According to The New York Post, Greg Giangrandechief human resources officer at Time, Inc. wrote:

“Go home and vent your anger and frustration to the mirror, to the dog or to a sympathetic loved one. Go to the gym and do a long, hard workout. Then go in to work the next day with a smile on your face and a good attitude, and work for as long as they will have you.”

If you’re having a hard time grinning and bearing it, he pointed out to change your mind set. Instead of thinking about it as helping them, “think of it as helping yourself.” Look at it this way — the longer you’re working, the longer you have a steady paycheck with benefits and the more lead time you have to look for a new job while you’re still working.

Plus, it presents you with the opportunity to display maturity and professionalism, thereby creating even more opportunities to get a favorable reference. In the piece he added, “It also leaves the door open for a possible return at some point — it happens. Regardless of how you feel about your employer, this is smart business for you.”