How To Become GQ’s Photo Editor

I came to GQ over ten years ago for a week’s work experience. I knew that it was a once in a lifetime opportunity so I grabbed every task with both fists and made it so they couldn’t not offer me a job. A few months of unpaid work, then I was offered a junior picture researching job. Within a year of that I was Photo Editor.

Work experience is a genuine opportunity, yet people do not treat it as such. This is a very difficult industry to get into, so if you don’t give it 1000% every second of the day, then it won’t be enough. I arrived early and left late every day, I never took a day off. Much to the chagrin of my parents, I even missed my own graduation ceremony because I didn’t want to ask for the day off. — James Mullinger, photo editor, GQ magazine, interviewed by Wonderful Machine

If your heart’s not set on stealing Mullinger’s job (and it sounds like he’s indispensable, so good luck) but you want to have your work in GQ, he adds: “Post me something that I want to stick up on the wall. Then the art department will all see it and you are five times more likely to be commissioned.”