How To Apply For A Job You’re Not Qualified For (Maybe)

If the job says “eight years of experience” and you only have six, should you apply?

Totally. Some hiring managers write job requirements like a wishlist, anyway.

But here’s one tip from that might boost your chances: wait to apply.

“If you’re unqualified for the job, wait a while before applying, and gamble that as the hiring manager grows desperate to fill the position, they’ll be willing to take a gamble on you.”

That way, you’re not competing with the guys and girls who look better than you on paper. You’re competing with the people who were pulled in for interviews and then screwed up epically. Your six years of experience are suddenly starting to look pretty good.

We like the logic of this. Sure, if you wait, the position might be filled before you apply, but you’d probably have been passed over anyway unless you had an in of some sort.

It should go without saying that this tactic won’t work if you’re forced to fill out one of those ATS forms that automatically screens you out based on numbers. In those cases, you might as well apply right away or not at all, because the computers have no sense of relative worth. Boo computers.

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