How MoDo Got Her Groove Back

You either love or hate Maureen Dowd. You either love her psychoanalysis (and Shakespearean references) of power types or you scratch your head at how she landed on the illustrious New York Times’ op-ed page (You may also just be a sucker for redheads).

This month, however, seems to be an “on” month for Dowd. Let’s take her boldness: She hasn’t been one to deny her disdain for the (largely unpopular) decision to put NYT columnists behind a firewall via TimesSelect. Then, she gained widespread acclaim for her honest take-down of Judith Miller in her October 22 column. Then, the NYT’s Sunday Magazine publishes a 5000 word excerpt (with sassy picture to boot) of her forthcoming book, “Are Men Necessary?“, full of such Dowd-ian quotes as “[A] top New York producer…confessed that he had wanted to ask me out on a date when he was between marriages but nixed the idea because my job as a Times columnist made me too intimidating.”

Then she lands on the cover of New York magazine, and is called “America’s most dangerous columnist” by the magazine.

But true fame is only achieved when a.) Matt Drudge links to you and b.) Matt Drudge actually gets off his duff enough to start a contest in your honor. Drudge currently is hosting a photo caption competition for Dowd’s picture in yesterday’s Magazine.