How Hurricane Sandy Impacts Our Productivity

First, here at MJD in New York City we hope everyone is safe and sound on the east coast as a result of the wrath of Hurricane Sandy.

As for the hurricane itself or any natural disaster that forces you to work from home and rightly so (after all, nothing is more important than your safety), how does that impact productivity? Considering all mass transit is shut down today many east coasters are working remotely.

Of course, this results in distractions like the non-stop voice of a refrigerator and relatives wanting your attention but how does it impact the bottom line? Your email productivity and conference calls?

According to The Wall Street Journal, it sounds pretty self-explanatory. If people seldom work from home, during storms when they’re house-bound they’ll experience some distractions. And as for freelancers who are accustomed to hoofing it to the local coffee shop, they’ll be hunkered down at home dealing with similar distractions.

Jay Jamrog, senior vice-president of research at the Institute for Corporate Productivity, indicated yes, distractions from home can negatively impact productivity.

As for the good news? In this day and age, a large part of the work force has already worked remotely in one aspect or another. As long as power doesn’t completely go out, there shouldn’t be huge disruptions to work.

He told the Journal, “Most professionals today are used to technology and being connected 24/7.”

And what happens if your power does go out completely? Three words: Mental health day.

Sure, you may start to go stir crazy but if your smartphone isn’t charged and your productivity is therefore limited, it may be time to take a nap, relax, do some household chores and realize when you do return to work you’ll hopefully be more productive and focused.