Hottest Media Types: The Praise

hottestmedia.gifYet another sampling of some of the best descriptions in our 2007 FishbowlDC Hottest Media Types Competition:

  • he’s prob the hottest guy in that bureau and one of the best dressers!…

  • He really knows how to pick a hot belt

  • He is such a tasty treat…

  • She’s cute, has a killer smile, and the coolest hair

  • Even though she is usually pictured cramped in the helicopter seat, her hotness is readily apparent.

  • Talk about tall dark and handsome … and that complexion. And damn does he look good in a suit!!!!!

  • [REDACTED]’ deep blue eyes make me melt. His smile is beyond word…

  • Something……happened to nerdy [REDACTED] when he got hired by the [REDACTED]. He lost the glasses, he’s dressing better, the hair is smaller. He’s still weird. But now… full of confidence and….musk.
  • that hottie desk assistant from iowa makes me wanna plan a trip to check out that untapped recourse
  • She is the hottest thing to arrive on capitol hill since the playboy bunnies got naked raising awarness for PETA
  • her fire-red hair delivers the hottest [REDACTED] news day to day from the North Lawn to Asia.
  • When it comes to booking him for an interview cat-fights start because everyone wants to chat with him and see him.
  • …has a body of a mid-twenties baseball player and when he wears jeans around the office the whistles are louder than Chris Matthews volume on Hardball.
  • it’s hard to imagine that his good looks never get in the way of his outstanding work .