Hotline Profiles Jim Kuhnhenn

From Hotline:

    Jim Kuhnhenn is AP’s political money/political media reporter. He has covered DC for 13 years. He joined AP in ’06 after six years as Knight Ridder’s cong. corr. Before that he was Washington bureau chief for the Kansas City Star. But today he’s our Friday Feature:

    What’s your most embarrassing on-the-job moment? (Or as embarrassing as you’d like to reveal?)

    During Pope John Paul II’s 1995 visit to New York, the Secret Service detained me for bearing a striking resemblance to a terrorism suspect. Parents made little children give me wide berth. I have since shaved.

    It’s 2027 — where are you and what are you doing?

    Watching Chelsea play Real Madrid in the European Cup final.

    What is your biggest weakness (and not your job interview biggest weakness)?

    See favorite comfort food.

    What’s your favorite comfort food?

    Dulce de leche (a.k.a. manjar in Chile).