Host of ‘Jobs That Don’t Suck’ Reveals: ‘It’s Not Work If You Love It’

Courtesy of MTV2
Courtesy of MTV2

According to Andrew Schulz, host of MTV2’s Jobs That Don’t Suck, thinking outside the box is key to hustling and make a living out of what you truly love to do.

In our exclusive interview he’s quick to point out, “Obviously, I have a job that doesn’t suck and I’m a comedian. I’m always learning.”

And he’s working comedian hours at night through the wee hours of the morning. “Nobody really works 9 to 5 anymore,” he quips.

Considering people on the show have managed to turn a “side hustle into the main hustle,” he says most of the time it boils down to doing something they enjoy and figuring out a way to monetize it. (And we can only wonder as the cameras roll how intoxicatingly inspirational  it must be to surround yourself with that mindset.)

Schulz mentions the show highlights a variety of entrepreneurs like a guy who created bottomless beer to get beer into cups without losing 30 percent of the foam. “He did it because his dad said he couldn’t do it,” Schulz recalls.

So, if you haven’t thought about that million dollar business yet, no worries there. Start somewhere — just turn on your computer and start to blog.

He explains, “The internet doesn’t really cost anything to blog. And a lot of blogs start because it’s fun to do and people would be doing it anyway.” The only excuse? “Maybe time.”

He adds, “People make a living doing what they love…it’s not work if you love it.”

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