Hollywood Through the Lens of George Holz

Photographer's ability to capture the true essence of his subjects on full display in new coffee table book.

For those in and around New York, the most holistic place to peruse photographer George Holz’s new book Holz Hollywood: 30 Years of Portraits, released this week, is La Colombe Torrefaction at 400 Lafayette Street. Before that locale became known for its almond croissants, it was ground central for gatherings of a different sort.

From a recent write-up by The Daily Telegraph’s Lucy Davies:

Holz’s parties were among the most notorious of all: people would queue around the block, waiting to be let in. “I still run into people now who tell me they were at a party at my place 25 years ago,” he says, laughing. “They were mostly get-togethers for my clients, but I suppose my clients were kind of famous.”

Many of the “kind of famous” subjects in his new book – Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and Jack Nicholson among them – were photographed [at Holz’s studio] on Lafayette Street. Others were shot at Holz’s weekend retreat in the Catskill Mountains, where the 58 year-old photographer now lives full-time with his flautist wife and their 18-year-old son.

Holz told Davies it took five years to compile the book and that many of the pictures, outtakes from the original commissioned sessions, have never been seen before. A number of the shots also showcase actors on location in places like Montana, Cabo San Lucas and Santa Barbara.

[Jacket cover courtesy: DAAB Media]