THR Snags a Couple of Variety Film Reviewers

No, we’re not talking about Justin Chang and Peter Debruge. That would be huge and… somewhat nonsensical.

Still, for Hollywood trade watchers, the defection from Variety to The Hollywood Reporter of international freelance reviewers Jonathan Holland (based in Madrid) and Boyd van Hoiej (Paris, Luxembourg) would seem to suggest that there’s concern on their part about the future of their beat. A rep for THR tells us that van Hoiej is already at Cannes, and that both will immediately start contributing to the efforts crowned of course by another Variety alum, Todd McCarthy.

Holland, who focuses mainly on Spanish and Latin American films, has also written for The Guardian and Conde Nast’s Traveller. He separately penned the 1994 novel The Escape Artist.

Van Hoiej (delightfully pictured) is the editor of Netherlands LGBT magazine Winq, its English-language edition Mate and a regular contributor to both indieWIRE and Dutch publication Filmkrant. He also has written a book, the 2010 tome 10/10, all about Belgian-Francophone cinema.

The pair will report to Deborah Young and join a team of freelance THR film reviewers that includes Michael Rechtschaffen, Justin Lowe and Lisa Tsering (who is in San Francisco). As well as Stephen Farber, Jordan Mintzer in Europe and the UK tandem of Stephen Dalton and Neil Young.

Today’s THR announcement also reveals that former Eastern Europe Variety stringer Nick Holdsworth has also rejoined the competing trade.

[Photo provided by THR]