THR’s New Executive Managing Editor Also a Win for Park La Brea

We can relate. In an email to staff, Hollywood Reporter editorial director Janice Min explained that one of the reasons she was able to convince New Orleans native Sudie Redmond to relocate from New York to LA for the position of executive managing editor was Park La Brea.

The “largest apartment complex west of the Mississipi,” located a block north of the Reporter‘s Wilshire Blvd. offices, was home sweet home to this reporter for ten years. With The Grove on the other side, friendly guards at the gate and a spectacular pool next to the 6th Street and Curson entrance, it’s no wonder Redmond – formerly managing editor of Glamour magazine – saw visions of warm, idyllic winters.

It’s another impressive East Coast hire for Min, who writes that Redmond has for several months been helping the Reporter “in all matters of our operation.” Prior to Glamour, Redmond was deputy and managing editor for Harpo’s O magazine as well as managing editor of George magazine.

Our experience with Park La Brea has a funny related twist that is worth mentioning here. Several years after moving in 1993 from Canada to a two-story garden bungalow just beyond the 6th Street gate, this co-editor got a job with a company based in Studio City. The firm later added a satellite office at the corner of Curson and Wilshire, resulting in a three-minute daily commute… by foot.

About a year later, the company kept that office but also added a bigger, amalgamated one in the only possible commercial space that was closer to this employee’s home – on the ground floor of the SAG-AFTRA building. As a result, that stroll-commute was cut in half.

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