Son of Hollywood Reporter Founder Apologizes for Dad’s Support of Blacklist

Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, The Hollywood Reporter has put to bed a little earlier than usual the November 30 edition of its weekly print magazine. And what an edition it is.

To go along with a cover story by Gary Baum and Daniel Miller about the involvement of the magazine’s original publisher Billy Wilkerson beginning in 1946 with the Hollywood Blacklist, there is a heartfelt essay from Wilkerson’s son (pictured). Together, these articles mark the first time THR has publicly acknowledged its role in one of Hollywood’s saddest chapters. Here’s how W.R. Wilkerson III ends his piece:

On the eve of this dark 65th anniversary, I feel an apology is necessary. It’s possible, had my father lived long enough, that he would have apologized for creating something that devastated so many careers. On behalf of my family, and particularly my late father, I wish to convey my sincerest apologies and deepest regrets to those who were victimized by this unfortunate incident.

Per the cover story, dad first announced his intention to launch an anti-Communist campaign to a priest. A priest who could have stopped him. The conversation took place on a Saturday in a Confession booth at the Blessed Sacrament Church in Hollywood.

[Photo courtesy Ciro’s Books]

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