Hollyood Shocker: Over-Confident Hacks Place Ad to Get Writers to Work for Free

We just thought this was unintentionally funny. Which maybe the only funny these guys can muster.

LOOKING FOR COMEDY (adult cartoon) Writers!!! (Hollywood)

Reply to: gigs-721853284@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-06-16, 12:04PM PDT

We are in need of some GREAT Adult Cartoon writers. We have a pilot presentation episode already animated, and we have 55 more episodes outlined. THIS CARTOON WILL SELL, and we need more writers. It is in the process of being pitched and it’s a matter of SHORT time before it is sold. It is just my husband and I, so we need more brain power. There will only be compensation WHEN IT SELLS (which will be soon) That amount will be a generous one 🙂 So, I am looking for some one who sees the big picture and wants to be a part of this cartoon.

Please send 2-3 pages ONLY of dialogue between characters. I am NOT looking for funny “story” writers. We have our “stories” we need FUNNY DIALOGUE. You can check out our cartoon on any of 3 sites to see if it is your speed and style. 1. jcmproductions.us under “Planet Rehab” 2. myspace.com/planetrehab OR 3. youtube.com under Planet Rehab cartoon.

Thanks for your interest…

Here’s a link to the videos.

Only 55 more episodes? You’ll find us in a fetal position, rocking back and forth to make the bad thoughts go away. Tremble.