Hola Mounts Video on Display Ad Platform

NEW YORK Hola Networks, the online display advertising network, said it has incorporated video technology into its ad delivery platform, providing users with interactivity and marketers with measurable data.

The Miami-based company’s video capabilities will provide a number of options for marketers who want to reach U.S. Hispanics with shortened versions of 30-second TV creative or messaging aimed specifically at online users.

“No matter which Web site clients want to be on, our network platform can deliver in-page video for them,” said Margot Bradley, COO, Hola Networks.

Hola expects to roll out its video capability during the second quarter. Pricing for video ad display will be negotiated with clients individually based on marketers’ objectives and intended target markets, Bradley said.

Increasingly, online video is an appealing option to marketers from a measurement standpoint since videos are “clickable” and thus trackable. “We can utilize the video for [measuring] actual responses, so its uses go beyond branding.”

Using video online gives marketers the option to run pre-roll, a message that may appear as an abbreviated version of a 30-second TV spot and precedes video content on a site featuring news or other information.

Video can also take the form of straightforward creative messaging that either launches on its own when you click on the Web page, or that starts up as a result of a user click, Bradley said.

Clients make decisions about which types of online video tools to include — and Hola offers several options — based on the messaging they are offering and the kinds of videos that are allowed on certain sites since some have restrictions in place regarding “self-launching” videos, Bradley said.