Hitting the Streets for the ‘Design Piracy Prohibition Act’


‘Tis the week of fighting back the low cost knock-offs. Big name fashion designers, including Nicole Miller and Narciso Rodriguez, have been hanging all over politicians this week in an attempt to push the Design Piracy Prohibition Act, making it illegal for people to steal the design of a piece of clothing to be sold for a lower price. As the law books read right now, it’s only illegal if you copy the thing and then add the logo of the company who made the original onto it, thus committing a bit of fraud. That’s a nice thing to avoid, but the fashion industry would also like to not see any more of the fifteen dollar version of the thousand dollar dress appearing immediately at the local mall. While it’s maybe a nice idea, we think it’s a one in a million chance of this sort of law actually passing. It would just be far too impossible to have these sorts of things in litigation, arguing things like that the stitching is a centimeter to the left and thus constitutes a completely original piece. And that’s the exact sort of things that would be repeated a million times in Little Fashion Design House v. Wal Mart.