Hitler’s Head Chopped Off on Wax Museum’s Opening Day

Who didn’t see this coming? For anyone who follows museum news or subscribes to feeds with museum info, like we do, we’ve been seeing for the past few days how much heat the new Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Berlin, which opened this weekend, was getting for including a wax figurine of Hitler in a bunker. This sort of thing doesn’t always go over so well anywhere in Germany, which regularly tries to avoid any display of Nazi-era material, and so not minutes after the museum opened its doors for the first time, a man jumped over the barriers and tore the head off the Hilter wax creation. So lesson learned here? If you’re a wax museum and nearly everyone in the whole country is telling you, “Hey man, this ain’t such a great idea” maybe you should listen. Though hey, also, as a publicity move, this wasn’t too bad. Think anyone would be talking about a wax museum opening otherwise?