Hitching a Ride with Alissa


We’re both, most of the time, far too modest to post about our individual goings-ons unrelated to the holy UnBeige empire, but therein lies the brilliance of having two editors. When one does something cool, the other one can pop it up here on the site. And such is the case with our own Alissa Walker, who just yesterday appeared on Los Angeles-based KCRW’s program DNA in an episode about design solutions for making LA a more habitable place. Alissa’s piece is about, gasp, taking the bus. It’s a really great listen, even if we weren’t slightly biased or enjoy hearing her say “Sexy Flexy” and “the Wiggles.” Here’s about the whole program:

Groaning with traffic and people, Los Angeles is going to hell in a hand basket. Or is it? New problems bring new solutions. We look at some of the ways the Southland is adapting to its growing density, including the makeover of public transit and the explosion of new green spaces. Also, the LA Auto Show celebrates its centennial and gets an edge on the Motor City, and the MTA — now called Metro, wins the American Public Transportation Association’s annual award for an Outstanding Public Transportation System. Plus, a native Angeleno’s favorite building.

Also of semi-related note, check out this story by Melanie Orndorff about, gasp, walking the entire Wilshire Boulevard, from downtown LA all the way to Santa Monica. Our poor little legs shudder at the thought.