Hipsterhood’s Awkwardness Crosses Generations

Blip Web show, now in Season 2, scores relatable laughs

Although we'd never openly admit it, any self-respecting member of the so-called millennial generation has at some point or another asked themselves one very troubling question: Am I a hipster? After moving to Silver Lake, Calif., and going though a hipster identity crisis of her own (brought about by the purchase of skinny jeans), Shilpi Roy masterfully channels the hilariously awkward insecurity that is so characteristic of this crisis in her Web series Hipsterhood.

The show revolves around two hipsters (played by Elizabeth Ferraris and Kit Williamson) as they continuously run into each other around Silver Lake but have trouble mustering up the courage to actually initiate a conversation. It's a meet-cute with a good pinch of awkward, mostly provided by the use of an amusing voiceover.

Episodes of Hipsterhood, one of the signature shows found on Blip.tv, are short and sweet but never boring. Roy skillfully crams a lot of content into easily consumable two- to three-minute episodes while advancing the overarching narrative at a steady pace. But above anything, it's smart comedy that resonates with the audience whether we're hipster or not.

Because, let's be honest, we've all been there, running into that guy/girl at the best and worst possible moments, when all we were really thinking about was whether they'd judge us if we gave into our sweet tooth and shamelessly walked down to the register with a box of Cookie Crisp instead of reaching for the Raisin Bran.