Hillary Clinton’s First Post-DNC Interview Is With Chris Wallace

15 months in the making.

2016 Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton‘s first television interview following the convention will be with Chris Wallace. On Fox News Sunday.

Clinton, as we all know, is not what you’d call a Fox News regular. This interview, a taped sit-down that will air Sunday on Fox and later on Fox News Channel, is her first on FNS in almost five years and will be only her fourth Fox News interview during the entirety of her 2016 campaign. The previous three included a town hall, a satellite interview and a phoner.

“I’ve been working on it for 15 months, since she announced,” said Wallace on FNC’s The Real Story today. He attributed his success to “the value of persistence. You keep knocking on doors, nobody answers, and finally, somebody opens the door, and you gotta pick the right time, the right pitch, the right person to speak to, and it all worked together.”

Pretty ideal timing.